What are Nootropics?

The term ‘nootropics‘ actually encompasses a wide variety of different substances that share one basic commonality: they enhance the capacity of your brain to perform certain mental functions.

From improved memory recall and cognition to better mood management, nootropic substances can offer all sorts of benefits to your brain.

Also known as ‘smart drugs’ and ‘cognitive enhancers’, nootropics come in many forms. From organic-based compounds like herbs and amino acids to completely synthetic drugs designed and manufactured in a laboratory.

Nootropics of all kinds have seen tremendous growth in popularity in recent years. They’re now used by athletes at all competitive levels and are relied on by many programmers and developers in the tech world. In fact, nootropics have made their way into mainstream society.

Well, if we want to be completely accurate, they’ve actually been there for quite some time. In reality, you’ve probably been taking nootropics for years, you just didn’t know it.  If you’ve ever had a cup of coffee or a spot of tea, then you have taken a nootropic.  

Caffeine is the naturally occurring psychoactive ingredient found in coffee beans and tea leaves. Its ability to jolt your brain into a heightened state of alertness makes it the most popular nootropic substance in the world.

But it’s not just their energy-boosting properties that have made nootropics popular, they’re known to enhance your cognitive functions on several different levels.

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